A beginner's guide to trendlines, support and resistance and how we can use breaks of support and resistance as buy and sell signals in trading and technical analysis.

Technical Analysis Made Simple

The Step-by-Step System to Making Smart Buy and Sell Decisions in Stock Trading and Investing

Imagine looking at a stock chart and knowing exactly if you want to buy or sell.

Picture yourself having more winning trades and knowing how to manage your risk and cut your losses when you’re wrong.
This course will teach you the essentials of technical analysis and stock trading to help you make smart, profitable investing decisions. You’ll focus on the most important technical indicators and put it all together into a process that I actually use as a professional hedge fund manager.

My Stacking System is a step-by-step process to analyze any price chart using simple, classic technical analysis. I apply a few basic trading strategies, and stack them together to give repeatable signals.

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