Marketmind Plus

Marketmind Plus is all about transforming members into long-term consistent and successful traders.

Trading and investing content, ideas and coaching from a hedge fund manager with 20 years of experience trading in both bull and bear markets.  

The new services are bigger and better additions to my weekly newsletter and real-time Twitter trade ideas and analysis.

Market direction ideas that I posted live and verified with +80% return in 2019 and +75% as of 6/30/20.

Stock ideas like ones I've highlighted in my newsletter ZS +107%, SPOT +88%, OSTK +470% all this year.

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Subscribe to get trading ideas, market analysis, interactive content, courses and a virtual long-term mentorship with access to unique insight and resources.

At the end of the day, my goal is to help everyone make more money. Near-term and long-term.

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More than just my picks.

My content and this membership service is about more than just my picks. 

It's about passing along my trading process, psychology and mindset. It's about sitting side-by-side with a 20-year hedge fund veteran and actual institutional hedge fund manager, with the experience, resources and tools to provide a differentiated edge.

After two major pullbacks in the past 2 years, the easy money bull market may be ending. Younger trading gurus who have never faced a bear market will not be prepared for an eventual bear market. I've traded through the 2000 Bubble, the 2009 Financial Crisis and the bull markets in between. I focus on the patience, tools and mindset that will be critical in any market. 

Marketmind Plus will go a step further to really focus on my goal of transformation.

  • The full weekly newsletter (now exclusive to members only) Click here for samples
  • Private members-only Twitter feed with trade entries/exits (now exclusive to members only)
  • Intraweek video market commentary and updates
  • Interactive webinars, where I’ll go live, and you can ask whatever questions you have 
  • More courses like my recent Divergences tutorial, covering topics that my members request (options trading, trading psychology, sell discipline) 
  • Full, free access to all my current and future courses and modules 
  • Daily updates on my Line in the Sand and other indicators 
  • More individual stock ideas and active management of them with entries and exits, and even options trades. Stock ideas like ones I've highlighted in my newsletter ZS +107%, SPOT +88%, OSTK +470% all this year.

Trading analysis and ideas with both beginners and experienced traders in mind. Interactive analysis and coaching all along the way.

Technical analysis tools. Process and psychology coaching. Up-to-the minute trade ideas and market commentary from a professional institutional fund manager. All to help you navigate the volatile markets and maximize the huge trading opportunities that are coming.

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Registration will be open for one week only.

In keeping with my goal to be interactive and build a community, and to help me really focus on my content, I'll be managing the size of the group for a while. “Founding” members of the group will benefit by getting a little more access and direct interaction. 

Growing my membership site will help me make all of my content better and more focused. I hope you’ll join the group. I’ll still be popping up on Twitter occasionally, and anyone on my e-mail list will still be getting an abbreviated newsletter with valuable content every week. But the bulk of my efforts and a most of the content my followers are used to getting will now be exclusive to the membership. 

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Can you cancel anytime?

Of course. If you don't think you're getting real value, you can cancel anytime. I put a lot of thought into the service, adding much more interactive content and more ideas to try to address exactly what my members want. But it may still not end up being for everyone, so no one is locked in!  

Why am I closing the membership after the 1-week sign-up period?

I want to keep the members limited to a true community, at least for a while. I want to focus on the market analysis and content, not constant marketing and subscriber management. For those of you on the fence right now, I'll probably open up the membership again eventually, but I can't guarantee when or at what price.  

Is there a schedule for the new features?

I'm still working on that, but I'll be considering direct feedback from my members. Right now the plan is to augment the weekly newsletter with a recorded intraweek market update (probably via a video) and a live webinar Q&A a few times a month. The webinars will be open forums - trading questions, questions about my current positions, and my views on charts that members want to talk about. I'll also be rotating topics, with some live sessions reserved for beginners, some for only member requested charts, etc.

One thing to note is that one of the reasons my content is unique is because I'm an actual professional institutional manager with all the insights and resources that come with it. So I'll be sticking to a regular schedule to manage my time (and there are regulatory issues if I start providing "reactive" market commentary).    

Will there be more trade ideas?

That's the plan. Up until now, I've focused on keeping things simple with mostly just market direction commentary. That's still what most of my followers are focused on. But with a community that knows my process and can speak my language, I'm hoping to be more active giving and tracking individual stock ideas. Stock ideas like ones I've highlighted in my newsletter ZS +107%, SPOT +88%, OSTK +470% all this year.

Will there still be free content?

Yes, for sure. Obviously most of the best stuff and the stuff most of you follow me for will be exclusive to members. But I still plan to post to my regular Twitter account and send out an abbreviated newsletter. The free newsletter will have excerpts from the weekly newsletter with occasional market commentary and general trading topics.

Will there be a "trading room?"

No, this isn't a trading room like some other services. My picks are meant to be more swing trades that pay off with some patience and proper management. I'm not going to turn into a daytrading forum. My followers are also too diverse, with different risk appetites and time frames. More importantly, part of why my trading ideas and analysis are unique is that I still have the insights of a professional institutional manager and all the resources that comes with that. Running a trading room would take too much time from that and would hurt my market insights.  

Is it going to be worth it?

Many of you have told me that follow me for my authenticity. My membership is no different. I put a lot of thought and incorporated a lot of feedback to make sure it's truly unique. I know it's cliche, but I really think the value pays for itself. Obviously, my trade ideas and resources have a proven consistency that most don't have. And I plan to add more stock ideas (both short and long term) to add to the value. More importantly, I always viewed my content as a coaching and mentorship, not just an idea service. 

Yes, there's a lot of people on the Internet touting their picks. A lot of them are flashier than mine with monster returns. But it's easy to make money in a one-way bull market. Can they do it when the markets get choppy? Or in a true bear market? That's my signature: I've been trading for decades, through some of the most volatile markets in history.   

My content has always been unique and will continue to be so. Being a professional trader with the resources of an institutional hedge fund manager gives me unique insight and resources. That's why my ideas have that little bit of edge. Beyond my picks, my goal is to pass along trading psychology, process and mindset knowledge that my followers can take with them well beyond my ideas.    

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I'm excited for you to join. I'm excited about the big swings and big trades coming. 
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